About Us

Founded in 2018 as WowDroneMan.com servicing residential real estate and other idustries, we've added 3D tours, interior photography, property websites and ground video services.  We continue to "Wow" our customers under the name Wow Media Services, operating throughout San Diego County.

     ✔ Aerial videos for businesses
     ✔ Aerial videos for film
     ✔ Aerial videos for weddings
     ✔ Aerial videos for Real Estate

     ✔ Aerial and interior videos for real estate

     ✔ Aerial photography for real estate & businesses
     ✔ 3D Matterport Tours
     ✔ HDR photography for businesses
     ✔ Real Estate HDR Photography

★ Golf Courses
     ✔ Complete aerial scan of your course
     ✔ Marketing videos

     ✔ Weekly or Monthly turf inspections

     ✔ Cell phone tower documentation
     ✔ Roof condition documentation

     ✔ Construction progression videos / photos

These are just a few of the many ways in which Drone photography and videography is changing the way people do business. We are here to help you realize your aerial needs. Call us today to schedule your free consultation to see how aerial videos and photos can change your business!

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